Relax, Unwind, and Enjoy with Our Japanese Companions in Sydney

Club Grand HIT is an experience unlike any other in Sydney. A Kyabakura bar with the most beautiful Japanese girls in the city, come to our bar, relax, and be treated by our cast of lovely girls.

Our women put the clientele first and make them feel like they are the only person in the room. It is the perfect way for hardworking businessmen to relax, unwind, enjoy a drink in a way that is completely unique to Sydney. Our club is perfect for whiskey parties and buck’s nights, as well as for an enjoyable after work drink on a Friday.

What is Kyabakura?

Many people in the West have a misconception about Kyabakura. They believe that when men go to a Kyabakura club in Japan that they will be receiving a sexual service – this is simply not the case. Instead, Kyabakura club is a place where men come to be given the full companion treatment by beautiful women, without sexual interaction taking place.

However, the women do go a long way to making you feel very special: they look after your every need and treat you like you are the only man in their eyes. Kyabakura is a fun and exciting way to enjoy a post-work drink without the seediness of sexual interaction taking place between the hostess and clientele.  

Our club is even equipped with a karaoke bar just to make things that extra bit more fun for you and the girls.

Contact our club to book a room or find out more

Enticed? If you would like to book in a room and nominate a beautiful Japanese woman from our cast, please feel free to get in touch with Club Grand HIT and we can arrange a package for you. Call 02 9283 5090 or send us a message via our contact page and we will get back to you with all the information you require for creating the perfect evening for you and your friends/colleagues



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【お問い合わせ】 TEL : 02 9283 5090
Basement 155 Castlereagh St Sydney
Open : Mon-Sat 21:00-27:00

シドニーのキャバクラ『クラブグランドヒット』 日本各地から集結したキャストと、シドニーの夜をお楽しみください。